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Dinosaur Egg Hunt - self-led activity for families

A pack of wandering dinosaurs recently visited our Lochwinnoch nature reserve, but fear not, our brave wardens have rounded them all up and moved them on. We think some may have laid eggs when here though and we need your help to find them!!

We have marked the areas where dinosaurs were seen. Use your special dinosaur egg hunter guide, available to purchase from our visitor centre, to see if you can spot any eggs. If you do spot any, be careful not to get too close in case they hatch, you don’t want a baby dinosaur following you home! Just mark the number from the nearest sign next to the dinosaur you think laid the egg.

See if you can complete any of the challenges on the back of your guidebook as well as finding all the eggs before coming back to claim your reward!

£3 per activity back plus normal entry fees for non-members

[Normal entry fees for non-members £3 per adult, £1.50 per child]

Available daily throughout April between 10am and 4pm

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