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Treasures of the Moth Trap

Want to learn more about the amazing world of moths? Most of them fly at night, but our trap allows us to admire them during the daytime- and we catch a wide variety every year.

Come along to see a wide range of beautiful, colourful and fascinating moths that we catch in our trap overnight- we will record what we see. We will run this event all year round, as long as the temperature are high enough for moths to be on the wing. For winter dates (October to February) we may not catch much so the event is then free- please contact the Visitor Centre to book on to these months. Each time we trap, what we see will be different, as moths have 'flight periods' of usually a few weeks a year when the adults emerge. Join us to learn a bit, take photos or just feast your eyes! Open to children as well as grown-ups.

Under 18's can attend this event free of charge, as part of our commitment to help young people connect with nature with fewer potential financial barriers. Please note that for non-RSPB members (both adult and child) reserve entry fees of £4 per adult, £3 per student and £2 per child are not included in the ticket price.

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