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Astrophotography Course: Astrophotography workshop - RSPB St Aidan's

Ever looked up at a star-lit sky and wished you knew how to take fantastic pictures of it? Well, now is your chance to find out more about astrophotography!


This is a series of events making up a full course of astrophotography, with a certificate for completing all three sessions and a small prize for the best image taken during the course timescale. If you're interested in attending one or more of the course dates, please purchase tickets via the corresponding event link below:

1. Introduction to astrophotography [Overview of basic principles and what can be achieved with existing equipment like a DSLR camera and a static tripod]

2. Intermediate astrophotography [Overview of more advanced techniques, advice on specialist equipment]

3. Astrophotography workshop [Practical hands-on with equipment, advanced image processing techniques, review of attendee images]


Join us at RSPB St Aidan’s for an evening discovering the equipment and techniques required to successfully photograph many beautiful objects in the night sky. Led by the Wakefield and District Astronomical Society this interactive session will give you the opportunity to learn about image processing, practical guidance on setting up for an imaging session, a review of images taken by attendees and advice on how to get the best images from your existing kit.

There will be a range of telescopes and optical equipment available so you can see first-hand how specialist cameras and kit are used. As well as plenty of opportunity to get your questions answered and, weather permitting, live demonstrations of astrophotography in action. If you wish to bring along your own equipment then you could receive hands on advice about how to get the best from it, and opinions around taking any next steps in your astrophotography journey.

A winning image taken by an attendee from any of the previous course sessions will be selected and a small prize awarded, as well as a certificate for each attendee that has completed all three events.

In partnership with Wakefield and District Astronomical Society (WADAS) WADAS

Image credit: M.Jagger

What to bring

You don't need to bring or own everything but it may help your learning experience if you have any of the following:

Know before you go

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