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Stargazing with Jonathan Shanklin

We will be privileged to have Jonathan Shanklin, a renowned meteorologist with us for the evening, giving us a fascinating talk followed by a walk on the reserve to hopefully see some spectacles if the sky is clear.

Jonathan Shanklin has worked at the British Antarctic Survey since 1977 and, together with Joe Farman and Brian G. Gardiner, discovered the hole in the ozone layer in the 1980's. He has now had an Antarctic glacier named after him (in 2020) and he is absolutely fascinating to listen to!

We have chosen this date as after a talk in the Visitor Centre, if the sky is clear we will go for a walk out on the reserve to look at the night sky. With luck, we will see Jupiter and a stunning crescent moon, and there's even a chance of spotting a comet flash past too. For something a little different, why not come along to listen to Jonathan and learn a little about our night sky?

Tea and coffee (and biscuits!) are complimentary. Please bring warm, waterproof clothing for the walk and a torch to help you get back to the car park afterwards.

For non-RSPB members, the entry fee to Lakenheath Fen is included in the ticket price.

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