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RSPB Puffin and Gannet Seabird Cruises 2024

*Tickets for our Puffin & Gannet Cruises will be live from 10am on Friday 16 February*

The towering cliffs at Bempton, part of Yorkshire's stunning heritage coast, come alive each year with almost half a million seabirds including the iconic Puffin and the UK's largest seabird the Gannet. Sailing from Bridlington Harbour with the RSPB aboard the famous MV Yorkshire Belle is a chance to get nose-to-beak with the stars of the show on an incredible wildlife adventure.

On a three hour journey of discovery passengers will sail to Bempton’s 400-foot chalk cliffs as clouds of seabirds swoop, soar and circle above and around the boat. RSPB volunteers are on hand to identify what's what and the on-board commentary gives a unique insight into the seabird spectacle. For nature lovers of all ages, this is the stuff that memories are made of. 

The beautiful Yorkshire Belle is the last of the great pleasure cruisers.  She has indoor and outdoor seating, toilet facilities, and drinks and snacks are available from the bar. 

Suitable for adults and families and, to make your experience more exclusive and comfortable, we will be sailing with fewer passengers on board than pre-Covid.

Early booking is essential as these cruises do sell out very quickly.

·         All tickets are non-refundable unless the skipper has to cancel due to rough sea conditions in which case refunds will automatically be given. Booking fees are non-refundable.

·         Tickets can be transferred to a different date at least one week in advance within the same cruise group if tickets are still available.

·         Accessibility - please check the Yorkshire Belle website here for assistance and boarding information as there are unfortunately restrictions based on mobility.

·         Bring suitable outdoor/waterproof clothing as it is often cold out at sea.

·         Sorry - no dogs (except accessible), tripods, telescopes or smoking on board.

·         Children aged 2 and under sail free, but please notify us on 01262 422211 so we can add them to our passenger list.

.         All guidelines to avoid recreational disturbance to wildlife will be respected throughout this cruise.

·         This amazing wildlife spectacle occurs in the North Sea so please think carefully before booking if you suffer from seasickness.  

Why not check out our other seabird cruises:

Puffin & Gannet cruises sail between May and July to spot nearly half a million seabirds that call Bempton Cliffs home.

Puffin & Diving Gannet cruises sail towards the end of July to spot nearly half a million seabirds as well as treating passengers to the sight of Diving Gannets around the boat.

Diving Gannets cruises sail on 3 dates in August to spot the wonderfully fluffy baby Gannets on the cliffs before treating passengers to the sight of Gannets diving around the boat.

Two pelagic cruises sail in September, searching for migrating seabirds as they fly south for the winter.

For any other enquiries please contact the RSPB cruise office on 01262 422211 or email


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