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Snettisham and Titchwell Birding Safari

Titchwell and Snettisham reserves offer a unique combination of two splendid bird-watching destinations in coastal North Norfolk. Known for its Wader Spectaculars and wintering flocks of Pink-footed Geese, Snettisham is a tranquil wilderness that sits on the edge of The Wash. A few miles further along the coast, Titchwell is a medley of stunning landscapes known for its diversity of sought after species such as Bearded Tits, Bittern, Marsh Harriers and Avocets.

Your adventure will begin with stunning views across The Wash as you watch tens of thousands of waders take to the air on a spring high tide. Stand in awe as vast numbers of birds perform a mesmerising aerial ballet against the backdrop of Snettisham’s tidal mudflats and stirring skies. Taking in the unspoilt countryside views of the reserve you’ll make your way to Knots Landing where impressive numbers of Knot and other waders gather on the water’s edge waiting for the sea to retreat. Brace yourself for the gust of thousands of wingbeats overhead as hungry birds return to the mudflats for a feast. And if that's not enough, the adventure continues at the world-renowned Titchwell Marsh reserve, where more thrills await you!

Let the bird-watching bliss continue after brunch as you venture into Titchwell's mosaic of habitats, a tapestry rich in wildlife.  From diminutive passerines to soaring majestic raptors, from secretive reedbed inhabitants to comical shoreline birds, Titchwell is a haven for all birders and nature enthusiasts.

This event is restricted to four people per day and you may purchase up to four tickets. Brunch or Lunch is included plus some yummy snacks and drinks to keep you going throughout the day! You will need to provide your own transport from Snettisham to Titchwell reserve.

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