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Birds of the Reedbed

Get ready for a VIP peek at the reedbeds before the reserve opens up to other visitors. Early morning is an ideal time to hear the mellow boom of the Bittern echoing across the reedbeds or catch the tuneful calls of Sedge and Reed Warblers.

Standing close to all the action, you’ll look out for Marsh Harriers scoping surrounding landscapes for prey. Close by, reedbed havens hosting a carnival of dragonflies, damselflies and other invertebrates are prime destinations for hungry birds. Keep your ears perked for the dainty pinging call of Bearded Tits and keep your eyes peeled for playful otter families frolicking in the reedbeds. Don't let these nature gems escape your radar!

This walk is ideal for birders and nature lovers who would like to delve deeper into reedbed wildlife.

Binoculars are essential for this event and can be hired at time of ticket purchase.

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