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A Tour with the Sheriff of Nottingham

We all know Robin Hood lives amongst these trees, don’t we? There is one man who wishes he didn’t…

Join the Sheriff of Nottingham on this family-friendly walk around Sherwood Forest as you unravel the legend of who Robin Hood is, and may have been. The Sheriff will also share intriguing stories of medieval life but make sure you listen well because if you don't pay attention, he may throw you into the dungeons of Nottingham Castle!

This guided walk will take you from the Visitor Centre to the Major Oak which is approximately half a mile. The ground is slightly uneven but still suitable for wheelchairs.

Please call the team if you have any questions about accessibility on this event.

Please note that this walk is not suitable for dogs.

To find out more about coming to Sherwood Forest and Budby South Forest check out our Plan Your Visit page.

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